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History of PVB

Platte Valley Bank's mission statement reads: A community-oriented team dedicated and committed to providing timely, quality financial services to our neighbors. During its more than 110 years of business, the native Missouri bank has been successful at both ends of that spectrum.


Platte Valley Bank was born in 1906 in the small village of Waldron, located in southwest Platte County, west of Parkville, with a capital stock at the time of its incorporation of $10,000. As of Summer 2018, the bank has grown to nine locations spanning three counties, with assets of approximately $547 million. With a 32,000 square-feet main office in Platte City, and offices in Dearborn, Smithville, Liberty, Parkville, Kansas City North, Plattsburg and Gladstone, the bank features 193 employees who service tens of thousands of accounts.


Its strength and stability has been noticed and recognized by financial peers as well: Platte Valley Bank was named one of the strongest banks in the Kansas City metropolitan area in both 2014 and 2015 by Kansas City Business Journal.

That takes care of the big part.

But perhaps Platte Valley Bank's biggest successes have come as a result of "doing all the little things that makes a big difference."


This begins with a solid array of lending, financing and investment services available at all its branches. The bank also offers its customers access to dozens of automatic teller machines in the area, instantly issued debit cards, secure checking, online banking and bill pay, mobile banking app, mobile deposit, 24-hour telebanking and other individually-tailored services.


Going beyond traditional financial services, Platte Valley Bank is also committed to the communities it does business in.


"To us, giving back to the community is banking 101," Platte Valley Bank President /Co-CEO Kyle Burch said. "It's not only the right thing to do, but it reinforces what we believe: a strong community makes a strong bank."


Platte Valley Bank has garnered numerous awards from local Chambers of Commerce and municipal and county development organizations and is involved in various civic endeavors.


One of the ways Platte Valley Bank has focused on its communities is by offering a variety of clubs that provide unique and exciting activities for its members.

In 1992, the Prime 55 Club was inaugurated. It has since evolved into the Prime 50 Club, which includes more than 6,000 members of citizens age 50 and older who enjoy educational events, seminars, social events and day/overnight trips and vacations.


The Dollar Bill Kids Club, initiated in 1997 as the Dollars and Sense program, offers its young members a savings account as well as the opportunity to participate in special Bank Day events at their schools. During Bank Day, club members can bring deposits to bank representatives at their schools.


Platte Valley Bank has always been a staunch supporter of school districts in the communities it serves. One way that it fulfills that commitment is through the Students That Achieve Regardless (STAR) Scholarship program. The STAR program awards one scholarship to one graduating senior from each community where Platte Valley Bank has a banking location. The STAR Scholarship program is fully funded by employee donations and is intended to recognize students that have excelled in their efforts to overcome adversities and challenges in their personal and/or academic lives. The first STAR Scholarships were awarded in 2005. To date, Platte Valley employees have funded over $40,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors in local communities.


Platte Valley Bank also makes contributions to area parent teacher associations, booster clubs, athletic and extracurricular programs and after prom activities.

In 2002, Platte Valley Bank established the Outreach committee as a progressive group dedicated to supporting those in local communities from all walks of life. The mission of this Outreach Committee is to reach those in need, taking action through awareness, fundraising and involvement.



Kyle Burch said Platte Valley Bank is as strong and secure as it has ever been and while there are currently no plans other than the new office in Gladstone, he would not rule out continued expansion in the years to come.

"We're so proud to say that this bank has never been in trouble and continues to build on our success and commitment to our communities each and every year," he said. "In the past 19 years, we have grown to nine branches, with another one coming and our assets have gone from $68 million to $547 million."

"We aren't going anywhere and we want all our customers to know that we appreciate their trust and support. We won't let them down."


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