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Account Alerts

An Internet Banking notification tool which allows you to request notifications when certain activity occurs on Checking, Savings, Certificates of Deposit, and Loan accounts.

One-time Alerts notify you of an event only once.  For example:  Be alerted when a certain check number clears your account.
Recurring Alerts notify you of events that occur on a regular basis.  For example:  Be alerted every time a debit card transaction is made on your account.

View Created Alerts
To view the alerts that you created, click on the Alert Type.

Create an Alert:

  • Click New, next to the Type of Alert you would like to create
  • Select which alert you would like to create from the drop-down box
  • Complete the Alert Page
  • Receive a confirmation number

Receive an Alert:

  • When creating Alerts, choose to receive notifications in your Online Message Box within Online Banking or by email.

Access Your Account Alerts:


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