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How to Recognize Online Fraud


Email Fraud
Also called phishing, occurs when large numbers of recipients are sent email messages referencing a well-known bank or retailer, without the knowledge of the recipient's relationship to that company.

Recognize Fraud
Platte Valley Bank will never send you an email requesting sensitive personal information.

Fake Emails Sent by Cyber-Criminals:

  • Appear to be from legitimate banks, financial institutions or retailers using copied logos and content style.
  • Use fake Web sites or pop-up windows to collect your personal information. Links to real Web sites can be incorporated
  • into the email to lead you to believe the email is legitimate.
  • Request confidential information like account numbers, personal IDs, passwords, card numbers and PINs.
  • Attempt to elicit a response from the recipient who may, or may not be a customer of that financial institution or retailer.
  • Use stolen information to access a custome~s accounts by combining balances into one account and withdrawing the funds atATMs worldwide.
  • To increase response, upsetting or exciting statements are used in the emails so you react immediately, and respond with the desired information without thinking.


Protect Yourself By:

  • Taking the time to examine the claims in the email.
  • Checking its authenticity by contact the company appearing to be the originator

Report Fraud
If you are a Platte Valley Bank customer and receive a suspicious email that references Platte Valley Bank, forward it immediately

Domain Spoofing
Domain Spoofing occurs when a fake financial or retail Web site is set up with the same look and feel of a legitimate web site for the purpose of gaining personal information.

To verify a site's authenticity, choose the padlock icon, typically displayed at the bottom of the browser window, to verify you are on a secured page. A legitimate site will show a SSL certificate with the name of the site you're visiting.

Please note, Platte Valley Bank will never ask for personal information on a non-secure page, and the SSL certificates that protect our pages cannot be falsified.


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