Internet Banking Services

FAQ-Troubleshooting-Internet Banking Issues - PDF

Internet Banking

Platte Valley Bank's enhanced Internet Banking allows you to:

  • Enhanced look & feel
  • Spending Report
  • View account activity
  • View check images
  • Transfer funds between your Platte Valley Bank accounts
  • Download transactions into today’s most popular financial software
  • Internet Banking Agreement PDF

    Quicken® & QuickBook®:

    Quicken for Windows 2012

Internet Bill Pay

Bill Pay Support Phone Number: 1-855-234-1246

Pay your bills securely online. If you are currently not an Internet Banking customer, you must apply for your Access ID and Password.

  1. Sign on to
  2. Select Internet Banking
  3. Enter your Access ID and Password
  4. Click on PVB Bill Pay
  5. Select PVB Bill Pay
  6. Click on Next
  7. Enter your Internet Banking Access ID and Password

Note: If Internet Bill Pay is not used for one month, an inactive fee of $6.00 will be assessed.

Transfer Money and Popmoney Functionality through Online Bill Pay
You can now transfer money electronically to accounts at other Financial Institutions!

Transfer Money
Transfer Money will allow you to transfer money from a Platte Valley Bank account to an external account that you own. It will also allow you to transfer money from your external accounts into your Platte Valley Bank accounts! After a quick and easy verification process, you will be able to set up either Single Transfer or Recurring Transfers.

Popmoney will allow you to pay any person, anywhere without knowing their account information! Simply designate how you want to notify your recipient—either through an email or text message—choose your amount and then click submit! Popmoney will notify the recipient that money is waiting for them.

Transactions will be completed within 1-3 Business Days.

*Payments can only be sent to or from persons or entities located within the United States.

Instructions for Transfer Money and Popmoney - PDF


Elect to receive your statements electronically through Internet Banking. Platte Valley Bank will email you when your monthly statement is ready to be viewed.

  • Save your statements to your computer or print them.
  • Don’t worry about your bank statement sitting in your mailbox.
  • Go green!

Account Alerts

Account Alerts is an Internet Banking notification tool which allows you to request notifications when certain activity occurs on Checking and Savings accounts. Coming soon Certificates of Deposit and Loan accounts.

Types of Alerts:

  • One-time Alerts notify you of an event only once.  For example:  Be alerted when a certain check number clears your account.
  • Recurring Alerts notify you of events that occur on a regular basis.  For example:  Be alerted every time a debit card transaction is made on your account.

    View Created Alerts
    To view the alerts that you created, click on the Alert Type.

Create an Alert:

  • Click New next to the Type of Alert you would like to create
  • Select which alert you would like to create from the drop-down box
  • Complete the Alert Page
  • Receive a confirmation number

Receive an Alert
When creating Alerts, choose to receive notifications in your Online Message Box within Internet Banking or by email.

Standard Free Services
Free ATM/Debit Card
Free Monthly E-statement
Free Internet Banking
Free Internet Bill Pay (no charge if used monthly)
Free 24-Hour Telebanc 816-858-5000
Miscellaneous Fee Schedule
Cashier’s Check $5.00
Check Copy $1.00 per item
Coin Charge $0.05 per roll
Collection Fee $10.00 per item
Debit/ATM Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Dormant/Inactive Fee $10.00
International Check Deposit $10.00
Internet Bill Pay Inactive Fee $6.00 (Non-use 1 month)
Levy/Garnishment Fee: $25.00 per attachment
Money Order $3.00
Night Drop Key Replacement $5.00
Non-Sufficient Funds $30.00
Overdraft Sweep Protection $10.00
Research Fee $40.00 per hour
Return Deposited Item Fee $5.00
Returned Item Fee $30.00
Return Mail Fee $5.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Fee $100.00 per box
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $30.00 per key
Statement Copy $5.00 per statement
Stop Payment Fee $30.00
Wire - Domestic $25.00
Wire – International $40.00
Zipper Bag - Locking $10.00
Zipper Bag - Non-locking $5.00