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Platte Valley Bank is devoted to the continuing effort to help enrich the lives of those in our local coverage area. We are proud to participate in local community events, school events, and non-profit opportunities. Because we receive many requests for sponsorships and donations across a wide variety of projects throughout our coverage area, we have created guidelines and a request form to help streamline the consideration process for sponsorship by Platte Valley Bank.

Platte Valley Bank supports events, sponsorships and donations in-kind for projects that:

  • Are located within our local coverage area and benefit the residents of the counties we serve (Platte, Clay, and Clinton counties)
  • Are easily executed given the timetable provided
  • Our employees and staff can assist with or attend, if applicable
  • Are not politically affiliated with any party or promote a cause that may be deemed controversial
  • Are budget sound and well planned

Answering all questions does not guarantee acceptance of the request.
Please mail or drop-off any additional information (event flyer, etc.) that would be beneficial in our decision to Platte Valley Bank, ATTN Marketing Department, Prairie View Road, 2400 Prairie View Rd., Platte City, MO 64079.

Additionally, we are always interested in sponsorships that utilize our company’s unique strengths rather than specified dollar donations.

Request forms must be received at least 30 days prior to the event.


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