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Credit Life Insurance

Platte Valley Bank offers several types of policies, each with a different approach to fulfilling one’s needs. Key considerations are the duration of the need, premium budget and purpose for the need.


Other considerations are your attitudes about owning policies with underlying guarantees versus policies that shift more risk to the policy owner. Also, issues surrounding the best “short-term price” versus considerations of the lowest “long-term cost.” Age and general health can affect the purchase of life insurance and policy choices.


Platte Valley Bank can help you determine the insurance policy that best fits your needs.


For more information or your complimentary personal insurance review.


Disability Insurance

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to work due to an illness, injury or accident, disability insurance can help replace your lost income. Protect your family and estate.


Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is a product offered by Platte Valley Bank to help you take care of your family’s financial situations after the unfortunate loss of a beloved family member.



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