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I hereby certify that the information contained in this application form is true and correct. Any offer of employment by Platte Valley Bank is subject to a complete background check which can include but is not limited to: a credit report, criminal background check, drug screen and employment verification. By signing below, I authorize Platte Valley Bank to run the detailed background check. I understand that the position for which I am applying requires reliable attendance and dependable performance during contemplated work hours. If employed, I agree to comply with all of the Platte Valley Bank policies, rules and procedures as modified from time to time.

I understand that if I am employed, any misrepresentation of the facts as stated or implied on this application form is sufficient cause for dismissal. This application does not bind me or Platte Valley Bank for any specific period of employment. I understand that nothing in this application creates any contractual obligations of any kind for either party, and that any statement made to me during the employment application process regarding job security, a set period of employment, or any other representation with this application must be verified in writing by the Human Resources Director.

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Platte Valley Bank is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of the Bank not to discriminate on basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability. The bank complies with reasonable accommodation requirements of applicable federal and state laws and prohibits harassment in the workplace. Platte Valley Bank is a smoke/drug/alcohol free workplace.





It is the policy of Platte Valley Bank to provide employment, training, compensation, transfer or promotion opportunities and all other aspects of employment without regard to race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, qualified handicapped individuals, disabled veterans, Vietnam era veterans, or other eligible veterans.

At Platte Valley Bank, all terms and conditions of employment are and will continue to be established on the basis of the individual's qualifications and ability to perform the job.

Providing the information that is requested in this form is voluntary and will assist in maintaining affirmative actions programs and other reporting requirements. Disclosure or refusal to provide such information will in no way result in adverse treatment. All information will be kept confidential and will be used only in ways consistent with federal reporting requirements. Government officials engaged in enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act and law regulating government contractors may be informed.

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This is to notify you that a Consumer Report and/or Investigative Consumer Report will be conducted on you for employment purposes.

By signing the release below, I hereby authorize Platte Valley Bank to contact any and all corporations, former employers, credit agencies, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, city, state, county and federal courts, military services and social networking sites to release information about my background including, but not limited to, information about employment, education, consumer credit history, driving record, criminal record and general public records history to Platte Valley Bank.

I release from all liability all persons, companies, schools supplying such information. I indemnify Platte Valley Bank against any liability, which may result from making such requests. This release shall remain in effect for the length of my employment. I understand and I may have a right to request additional disclosures regarding the nature and scope of the investigation.

I believe to the best of my knowledge that all information I have provided is accurate, true and correct and that I fully understand the terms of this release.

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